The Best Superbowl Commercials 2018

Although I didn’t win the pool this year at our Superbowl party (like I have for the last 2 years!), I still had a great time with my friends! We ate a LOT of food. I was rooting for the Patriots, because that’s Chris Evans’ team, and whatever cap’ likes, I like. The real question isn’t who won the game though, it’s which commercial was the BEST. So, here’s my top 5 list, with my favorite sitting at #1.

#5 – Always Be Faster Than the Boys – You can’t get a powerful female commercial past me. I LOVED this ad for the Olympics (another one of my favorite things to watch ever) #likeagirl

#4 – Dundee – Some of the best commercials have unexpected twists. I legit thought this was going to an ad for a movie, that I kinda started to want to see… alas it was only for Australia tourism. It was perfect. Also, Chris Hemsworth is hot.

#3 – E-Trade – In a “don’t be that guy” kind of ad, ETrade doesn’t want you to have to be working when you are old. They did an excellent job of showing you why…

#2 – #TideAd – This was a hilarious series of commercials that sold Tide in the form of all other commercials. You may even say it was the One Commercial to Rule them all…

#1 – NFL Touchdown Celebrations – This was hands down the best commercial of the bunch. You knew that lift was coming, and it did NOT disappoint!

Honorable mention goes to M&M’s, the Voice, and Amazon.

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