Rocketbook Provides Free Resources For Organized Online Learning

For years my favorite organization tool has been my Rocketbook notebooks. I have a few of them, and even a tiny one that stays in my purse for those last-minute notes, even though I also own a Note 10, which I love as well.

What is great about Rocketbook is that you can snap a photo with your Rocketbook app to save the note to wherever you want. You can have it emailed, saved to Dropbox or OneDrive, or any number of other destinations. Once you have saved the notes, erasing them from the book is incredibly easy. You can either erase a small portion with the built-in erasers in the Frixion pens or wipe the whole page down with a little water and the included cloth.

Now that many teachers and students are trying to find new ways of learning, Rocketbook is providing templates that are free to use and download. These templates include everything from a goal planning sheet to blank sheet music pages.

While you won’t be able to easily erase these pages, they function just like they do when you are using a real Rocketbook. When you mark one of the icons at the bottom of the page, and then scan the page with your Rocketbook app it will automatically be saved to that destination.

The company outlined how teachers can use these free pages in detail on a recent blog post. Even if YOU are currently your child’s teacher, there are so many things you can do with these template pages.

Download and print Rocketbook’s free templates to complete assignments, and scan and share the pages using the free Rocketbook app. Some applications for the templates:

  • Math – Use graph paper for geometry, drawing slopes, or showing the steps for a complex math problem
  • Music: Practice reading/writing sheet music  
  • Art: Blank pages are the perfect canvas for drawing, or offering students a different medium to show their comprehension
  • Science: Dot grid paper is great for sketching in biology or anatomy classes

“Teachers or homeschooling parents can assign a specific cloud destination for the scans, not only helping them to stay organized and gather all work in one place, but also have a fun and colorful virtual classroom where students can enjoy each other’s work” the company stated.

I have already downloaded a few of the Goal sheets for myself AND my kids. They are perfect for helping everyone stay focused when the whole world seems like the same day over and over again. Since they are easily scanned and saved, we can refer back to our goals often.

I really love how companies are finding ways to help out during these strange times of social distancing. I am warning you though. These free templates might just be like giving you a free sample of drugs. These Rocketbook’s are addicting, and you may just find you need more!

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