Play Where’s Waldo on Google Maps

I don’t always open up Google Maps, but when I do, and there is a fun surprise waiting for me… I LOVE it! This weekend I opened up Google Maps to find out where a city was, and was super excited to see Waldo pop up on the side of the screen!

There are 6 levels to search for Waldo in, and it is your standard Where’s Waldo looking screen

When you complete the first 5 levels, you have to start searching Google maps for Waldo’s secret location. I just zoomed WAYYY out so I could see where he could be. When you locate him in the world you get to play the secret level! Each level allows you to find, not only Waldo, but 4 of his traveling companions too.

It is really a lot of fun, so go check it out before it disappears!

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