New Facebook Animations For Your News Feed

For a while now if you type xoxo or congrats into a Facebook status or comment the word changed color and would pop up an animation when clicked. Facebook has now added a few more words to the list.

If you type “bff” you will get two hands that high five each other. I’m not sure what about that means “bff” to me, but I guess Facebook thinks best friends like to high five each other a lot.

Using the word “rad” will give you so fancy like thumbs shooting across the screen like the nyan cat. I’ll give this animation some credit for it’s retro style to fit with the word “rad”… but as my friend pointed out, how many people are still using rad? Maybe they are trying to get it to make a comeback… Facebook… stop trying to make RAD happen!


Finally, according to Mashable Facebook has also animated “lmao” and “thank you so much” but neither of those worked for me yet in my experiment. Let me know if they end up working for you!

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