Free Google Home Mini For Spotify Premium for Family Subscribers

In an interesting move this week, Spotify announced that they would be giving away a free Google Home Mini to the owner of every Spotify Premium for Family subscription. I already have a Google Home and one Google Home Mini, and was JUST looking to see if the Mini’s were going to be on sale anywhere for Black Friday. We already have a Spotify Premium for Family subscription, so I kinda did a little dance for joy when I saw this news.

Starting today you can go to and request yours. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can sign up for one and still take advantage of the deal.

What is interesting about this news is that Google has their own music subscription service, Google Play Music. However, Google has been planning on combining Google Play Music and YouTube Music for quite a while. They haven’t quite pulled the trigger on this merger yet, but the announcement was what finally pushed me towards Spotify.

With Samsung integrating tightly with Spotify, and Google even integrating Android’s alarm clock with Spotify, it might seem like Google may be looking to shutter their paid music subscription service completely? They aren’t strangers to closing down popular products (I’m looking at you RSS Reader and Inbox), so it wouldnt’t be completely out of the ordinary.

I honestly don’t think they will get rid of Google Play Music any time soon, however, they likely will turn it into YouTube Music sooner than later. I believe they are just currently looking to win the smart home assistant game. The research shows that people who have a current streaming music are more likely to use smart home speakers. This is a smart move for Google to get more homes using their platform. It’s like the drug dealer down the street giving you your first hit for free.

I’m not complaining though. I already have 2 speakers, and my home theater receiver can also act as a Chromecast. So when I say “Play The Greatest Showman on All Speakers” it can now play the music throughout the entire house.

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