Disney Announces Streaming Service Disney Plus

A while ago Disney announced it was pulling titles from Netflix when the contracts become expired, and that it would be launching their own OTT (over the top) streaming service, similar to Netflix, with their exclusive library of titles. Today they finally announced details of this service.

The new service will be called Disney Plus and will be launching on November 12th, 2019 and will be available for $ 6.99/month or $ 69.99/year. When it launches it will be available via an app on Roku and Sony devices, as well as Android and iOS.

Disney also announced that the launch of this service will officially kill off the “vault” program they have implemented for decades, where Disney would pull specific titles from stores for several years. This means that all of the content from Disney’s library should be available via the service, including Classic animated titles, Disney Channel movies and TV shows, and more.

Since Disney also owns a good portion of the most popular entertainment franchises around, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars, you can be sure that these titles will also be available to stream. Disney also recently purchased 21st Century Fox and owns a majority stake in Hulu. There will very likely be a combination of services between Disney Plus, Hulu and of course ESPN, which is also owned by Disney.

Due to the acquisition of 21st Century Fox, for the first time ever, all 30 seasons of the Simpsons will be available to stream easily from an OTT service like Netflix or Hulu. The series was previously available on an FXX exclusive service.

Not only does Disney have a vast library of titles already at its disposal, but the company is also planning on creating original content for the service as well. Disney plans to release more than 25 original series and 10 new films exclusively on Disney Plus.

When the service was getting ready to be announced I didn’t think I would actually want to subscribe, since I already own all of the Disney Classics, Star Wars, and Marvel movies on Blu-Ray or DVD. This announcement has made me seriously reconsider my previous stance. I think this will quickly become one of the essential subscriptions for most families. Who’s excited for November??

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