Uncommon Baby Names Inspired by Disney Movies

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When it comes to baby names, Disney is a magical place to start. With plenty to choose from, you can easily venture away from the more common options.

Here are some unique, Disney-inspired baby names to choose from!

1. Naveen

I have a strong suspicion that if you chose this name—inspired by Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frogyour little one likely won’t run into a classmate with the same name.

2. Adella

Remember all of Ariel’s sisters with the “A” names in The Little Mermaid? Adella was one and it’s a cute and uncommon choice.

3. Angus

This name is inspired by Angus MacBadger from a lesser known Disney movie, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.

4. Radcliffe

I love last names as first names and I think the name Radcliffe is a wonderful example. Inspired by the last name of Roger & Anita (owners of Pongo and Perdita — the dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians) it would be a great little boy’s name. The longer version could be used as an adult if he chose and a nickname of “Rad” would be so fun!

5. Archimedes

I’ll admit that this is a name that would probably elicit very polarizing opinions, for science/Disney lovers it could be a great option. Archimedes was the name of the owl from the movie Sword in the Stone and I love that you could use the nickname Archie!

6. Bartholomew – The name of a minor mouse character from the Disney movie, The Great Mouse Detective, Bartholomew is another boy’s name with great nickname potential. Bart is a great name along the lines of Jack, but definitely more unique.

7. Bonnie

Vintage baby girl names are on the rise, but we haven’t seen much of Bonnie, so perhaps it’s poised for a comeback. It’s also the name of Judy Hopps’ mother in Zootopia.

8. Buck

The name of a horse from the movie Home on the Range, I think the name Buck is so cute for a little boy!

9. Flora

This name is quietly coming onto the scene, but still a very unique baby name option. Also, it’s the name of one of the fairies (the red fairy) from Sleeping Beauty.

10. Merryweather

I’ll admit, this one might need a little time to grow on a person, but I love the idea of the nickname Merry. It’s like a foreshadowing of a happy baby. It’s also the name of another of the Sleeping Beauty fairies (the blue one).

11. Clover

The bunny best friend of Princess Sofia (Sofia the First) is full of spunk, and I think this name has plenty of spunk for a little girl as well.

12. Cubby

This name is just so sweet and I love the idea of naming a little boy after one of The Lost Boys from Peter Pan.

13. Doris

This is the name of the mechanical bowler hat from Meet the Robinsons, and it could be a perfect fit for a little girl. It gives a super-subtle Disney nod and has plenty of vintage character.

14. Duncan

An adorable name for a little boy, with a humorous origin as the name of one of the donut police officers from Wreck-it-Ralph.

15. Emmitt

While Emmitt Otterton may have merely been a minor character from the movie Zootopia, his name still has great baby name potential!

16. Fawn

A less commonly used nature/animal-inspired name that happens to be shared with one of the Disney Fairies!

17. Oaken

The quirky shop owner of Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna from Frozen has a name that sounds all at once classic and unique, with a fun nature and Disney twist.

18. Franny

 I can already just imagine the vivacious little girl who would grow into the name Franny. Franny is also the name of the matriarch from Meet the Robinsons. Her full name is Francesca, which could be a good option if you wanted a longer option for the future.

19. Gideon

The name of the cat Gideon (partner to Honest John) in Pinocchio. Definitely not one that gets used super often these days.

20. Willow

Another less common nature name, inspired by Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas.

21. Hiram

The kidnapped father of Olivia Flaversham in Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective. I haven’t heard of the name Hiram being used in ages. It has a nice classic ring to it while still being very unique.

22. Kirby

The name of a little alien in the movie Chicken Little. It’s a fun, quirky name that would work for a boy or a girl.

23. Gus

The sweet and sometimes bumbling mouse from Cinderella, I have long been a big fan of this name. You could choose a long version such as August or Augustus, and use Gus as a nickname.

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