To Infinity and Beyond! Create a Backyard Theatre

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To creativity and beyond! Encourage little ones to imagine their own scene from their favorite Disney movie with a backyard theatre full of crafted sets and costumes. For our first backyard production, we recreated Andy’s Bedroom from Toy Story and the iconic moment when Buzz Lightyear meets Woody and the rest of the toys.

 Andy’s Bedroom

Disney Family_Backyard Theatre

Blue Sky Wallpaper

Disney Family_Andy's Wallpaper

Use a blue sheet to create a backdrop for your backyard stage. Paint white clouds with fabric paint and let dry before hanging up on stage for your performance.

Cardboard Box Town

Disney Family_Andy Town

Re-purpose cardboard boxes to create the town from Andy’s Bedroom. Let kids imagine their own storefronts or re-create the bank and “generil store” as seen in Toy Story!

Buzz Lightyear’s Spaceship

Disney Family_Buzz Spaceship

Crafted from a large cardboard box, add a few details with paint and make your own spaceship.

DIY Buzz Lightyear Costume

Disney Family_Buzz Lightyear

Make your backyard production out of this world with DIY costumes too! These Buzz Lightyear wings are made of cardboard, tape, and paint and fit right over their shoulders.

DIY Woody Costume

Disney Family_Woody

It wouldn’t be Andy’s Bedroom without Woody. To make his outfit, use a yellow t-shirt and ruler to draw red lines vertically and horizontally to create a box pattern. Using black and white felt and fabric glue, make a quick vest. Don’t forget the Sheriff badge!

Bo Peep Costume

Disney Family_Bo Peep

It’s easy to use clothes from your child’s closet for a backyard show! Create Bo Peep’s costume by adding pink spots made of felt to a skirt. Use the remaining pink felt to craft a bonnet.

Rex Costume

Use a baseball hat to create Rex by adding eyes and teeth and a felt tail.

Disney Family_Rex

All the kids in the neighborhood will love playing a part in the backyard theatre! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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