Throw the Perfect Pirate Playdate With These Crafts and Recipes

pirate crafts and recipes
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Do you have a swashbuckling pirate prowling the grounds of your home? Whether your little one loves Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, or Jake and the Never Land Pirates, we’ve rounded up the best pirate crafts and recipes to keep them busy. What are you waiting for? Start prepping for all of this pirate-inspired fun, or walk the plank!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Cookie Stencils

pirate cookie stencils
Image source: Disney Family

Start the pirate extravaganza off with a bang with these Jake and the Never Land Pirates cookie stencils. Your kiddo and their matey’s will gobble these right up.

Pirates of the Caribbean Zombi Tattoo Cupcakes

pirate cupcakes
Image source: Disney Family

Arrrrgh… you looking for something a little spookier to snack on? These Zombie Tattoo Cupcakes are sure to inspire your little one’s next adventure.


Captain Hook Connect the Dots

captain hook
Image source: Disney Family

We’re always giggling from Captain Hook’s antics. Connect the dots in this printable activity sheet to see what he’s up to this time!

Pirate’s Skeleton Hand

skeleton hand craft
Image source: Disney Family

Made from candy-coated pretzels, this scary treat is perfect to serve during a weekend of pirate fun or your next Halloween party.

Pirates of the Caribbean Hands-on-Deck Lamp

pirates lamp
Image source: Disney Family

Looking to add some Pirates of the Caribbean decor to your home? Look no further! This DIY Hands-on-Deck Lamp will wow your little swashbuckler and their crew.

Jack Sparrow’s Guide to Being a Pirate

guide to being a pirate
Image source: Disney Family

Being a pirate may not be living by the rules, but some guidelines never hurt, did they?  Follow the great Jack Sparrow’s Guide for Being a Pirate, then get ready to set sail!

Pirate’s Eyepatch

pirate eyepatch
Image source: Disney Family

Every pirate needs an eyepatch! This distinctive cover-up is a cinch to craft and will complete your pirate look.

Captain Hook Silhouette Wall Decorations

captain hook wall decor
Image source: Disney Family

Captain Hook and Tick-Tock the Crocodile can live in harmony as wall decorations. Adorn your child’s bedroom with these silhouettes, inspired by Peter Pan.

Pirate’s Treasure Chest

jake and the never land pirates chest
Image source: Disney Family

The whole point of being a pirate is gathering riches, right? This DIY Treasure Chest inspired by Jake and the Never Land Pirates will be the perfect place for your kiddo to store their treasures.

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