These Kids Dressed as ’80s Movie Characters for Halloween and Totally Nailed It

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram today, then you probably saw that Gen Z totally brought their A Game this Halloween. (I mean, just consider that girl who went massively viral for “carrying” her own head around.) But my favorites — by far — are the kids who used their costumes to channel some of our favorite ’80s movie characters.

These kids weren’t even a glimmer in their parents’ eyes when these movies first hit theaters, and yet they somehow managed to bring them to life with hilarious accuracy.

Like this kid, who probably has no idea who Tom Cruise is, or WTH Risky Business was really about. (And I’m sure his parents kinda hope it stays that way.)

Or this kid, who dressed as Beetlejuice for the big day:

A little toddler is dressed as Beetlejuice
Image Source: @courtneyruddhefner/Instagram

… and apparently convinced his parents to dress up as Barbara and Adam Matland (better known as Alec Baldwin and Gina Davis):

Too bad he didn’t team up with this little lady, who went as Lydia (AKA Winona Ryder):

These two tubular dudes went as Bill and Ted, from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

And this guy played a terrifying Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors:

And these kids, who probably have no idea what their parents are talking about when they say, “Buellerrrr?”

This little guy was the spitting image of Prince from Purple Rain

Second only maybe to this guy:

These two kiddos played Mama Fratelli — AKA the scariest movie villain EVER — and Sloth from The Goonies. (HEY YOU GUYYYYYSSSSSS!)

And this kid channeled Marty McFly from Back to the Future with an EPIC Delorean costume for his wheelchair (which was made by his talented mom!)

These two toddlers sure gave him a run for his money, though:

And then, there was this sweet little Elliot costume from ET:

This little adventurer is ready to take on the Temple of Doom as Indiana Jones:

And this whole fam channeled the cinematic masterpiece that was Top Gun

But OMG, how sweet is this little baby’s portrayal of Princess Leia from Star Wars?!

Alright, Gen Z — you definitely proved yourselves this year. Can’t wait to see what these kiddos have in mind come Halloween ’19!

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