The Nightmare Before Christmas Party

What is this place that we have found? It’s Halloween Town, home of Jack Skellington, of course! Personalize these crafts and recipes to create your very own Halloween party inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Jack Skellington Pumpkin Bowl

Jack Skellington Pumpkin 1

There’s no better party host than Jack Skellington! After all, he is the pumpkin king with the skeleton grin. Carve out the insides of this pumpkin and fill to the brim with candy, treats or punch.

Checkerboard Cake

Nightmare Checkerboard Cake

This imperfect checkerboard cake is such a scream. Top it off with a drizzling ganache. Trust us, it’s not as tricky as it seems!

Candle Holders


Add a spooky ambiance to your party with these candle holders featuring Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie.

Caramel Apples


What a splendid idea! Guests will adore these festive caramel apples designed especially for Halloween Town.

Jack Skellington Flower Pots

Jack Skellington Flower Pots

Perfectly frightful for Halloween and absolutely festive for Christmas, this Jack Skellington Flower Pot is fitting all holiday season long.

“This Is Halloween” Banner

Nightmare Banner

“This is Halloween! Everybody make a scream!” Decorate your party with this printable banner inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Simply download, print, and assemble for spooky Halloween decor.

Sally’s Patchwork Pumpkin

Sally Patchwork Pumpkin

Paint a pumpkin with Sally’s patchwork and stitching, and place her next to Jack. It’s obvious they were simply meant to be!

Party Hats

Mayor Party Hats

Inspired by the many faces of the Mayor, print and assemble these party hats and watch which guests end up smiling!

Cupcake Toppers

Nightmare Cupcake Toppers

No party is complete without cupcakes! Put a Halloween Town spin on your tasty treats with these printable The Nightmare Before Christmas cupcake toppers.

Sally’s Potion Bottles


All of the frightful ingredients for Sally’s bubbling Worm’s Wart Soup will need their own spooky containers. Before concocting your potion, bottle the Worm’s Wort, Frog’s Breath, and Deadly Night Shade.


Nightmare Worms

These squirmy worms are just the ingredient you need to spook and delight your guests.

Jack Skellington Wreath


“Won’t ya please make way for a very special guy? Our man, Jack, is King of the Pumpkin patch.” This wreath will be the centerpiece of it all. Hang Jack on the front door, or inside on a main wall.



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