How to Host the Most Wicked ‘Descendants 2’ Party

Descendants 2, the sequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants, premieres on Disney Channel on Friday, July 21 at 8PM. Spoil your kids, rotten, by creating a Descendants 2 viewing party with all the wicked charm. Whether their “apple-y ever after” is Auradon or the Isle of the Lost, they’re sure to love every detail!

Isle of the Lost Garland

Cut any leftover scrap paper into strips of varying shape and length, glue onto a thick string, and you’ve got a garland straight out of the Isle of the Lost.

descendants garland
image source: disney family

Mal’s Apple Bites

You don’t have to be rotten to the core to enjoy these healthy treats. Spread peanut butter or flavored cream cheese over apple slices and sprinkle with fruit or pretzels.

apple bites
image source: disney family

Auradon Prep Pennants

Show some school spirit by gluing felt shapes to a dowel rod to create these preppy pennants. Choose your favorite design from our stencil template.

descendants pennants
image source: disney family

Dizzy’s Wall Letters

To match the spunky personality of new character Dizzy, this DIY features wall letters painted and glued with her favorite things: gems, feathers, and sequins — all the works!

descendants letters
image source: disney family

Evie’s Apple Smoothie

Whip up an Evie-approved smoothie with this healthy recipe. Add an apple touch with mint “leaves” and straw “stems.”

descendants smoothies
image source: disney family

Uma’s “Fish and Chips”

Recreate Uma’s signature dish using chicken nuggets and banana chips. Your party guests will be spellbound.

descendants fish and chips
image source: disney family

Mal vs. Uma Cupcake Toppers

Whether your child is on Team Mal or Team Uma, they can show off their true allegiance with these bold cupcake toppers.

descendants cupcake toppers
image source: disney family

Don’t miss Descendants 2 on Disney Channel, Friday, July 21 at 8PM.

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