Holidays to Celebrate in February

Get ready to enjoy a month of delightful holidays with Disney Family! Print out our February 2017 calendar and follow along with these family-friendly Disney crafts and recipes.


February 3

Feed the Birds Day

Disney Family_Mickey Bird Feeder

Give your feathered friends a mini feast with this cute DIY Mickey bird feeder.


February 5

Peter Pan released in 1953


Celebrate the anniversary of Peter Pan by creating this fun pop-up Valentine!


February 7

Pinocchio released in 1940

Disney Family_Pinocchio Movie Night_Blue Fairy Wand_Popcorn_Prep

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of Pinocchio than by creating this Blue Fairy popcorn wand you can eat while watching the classic Disney film!


February 11

Make a Friend Day

Good Dino Mugs_Disney Family

Host an artful playdate, and create these friendly-faced best friends mugs.


February 14

Valentine’s Day


Check out the Disney Family Valentine’s Day page for crafts and recipes your whole family will swoon over!


February 16

Cinderella released in 1950


This Gus Cutie Papercraft is both fun to make and fun to play with! And if you’re feeling extra ambitious, make sure to create his buddy, Jaq.


February 28

Mardi Gras


These cookie crowns, decorated with yellow, green, and purple candies sport the Mardi Gras colors and make a fitting treat to honor the affable patriarch of the parade.

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