Google Home Offers Disney-Themed Family Activities and They’re Magical


Whether you’re stuck in the house on a rainy day or looking for an interactive game during your next movie night, Google Home has a number of fun Disney-inspired activities to keep your kiddo giggling. Your family can go on adventures with Mickey, Belle, and more without leaving the comfort of your living room!

Here are some of our favorite magical experiences:

Mickey Mouse Magic Show

Oh, boy! Mickey is running late to his magic show. Simply say, “Hey Google, play Mickey Mouse Magic Show,” to help everyone’s favorite mouse get to his performance on time. Your little one will make crucial decisions, like whether to take a taxi or ride the subway. If Mickey succeeds, your kiddo may even get to be his assistant!

Belle’s Castle Adventure

To kick off this Beauty and the Beast-themed experience, say, “Hey Google, play Belle’s Castle Adventure,” and listen as the magic unfolds in your very own home. You and your family will help the Disney Princess find her books throughout the Beast’s huge castle. You’ll explore the ballroom, the stables, and a spooky tower as you and Belle collect clues to find the missing books.

Star Wars Trivia Challenge

If your family is constantly debating over who knows the most about the galaxy far, far away, put your knowledge to the test by saying, “Hey Google, play Star Wars Trivia Challenge.” With hundreds of stellar questions, this game is sure to keep your kiddo and their friends entertained. May the force be with you!

Cars Adventure

Gather your pit crew for a game of hide-and-seek, while adventuring through Radiator Springs with Mater and Lightning McQueen. Start by saying, “Hey Google, play Cars Adventure,” then “drive” around as you search for McQueen’s buddies, and finish it off by challenging one of them to a race!

Mickey Mouse Space and Sea

Is your adventurous kiddo obsessed with space, or would they prefer exploring the deep blue sea? With the help of Google Home, they can do both alongside Mickey Mouse! This second mouse-filled activity lets little ones make up a fun story and discover treasure, mermaids, aliens, and a new planet! Just say, “Hey Google, play Mickey Mouse Space and Sea.” What more could you want from an at-home experience?

Toy Story Freeze Dance

With this Google Home activity, your family is transported into Bonnie’s room and becomes one of her toys! After saying, “Hey Google, play Toy Story Freeze Dance,” Sarge will give you the lay of the land—explaining what it means to be a toy and how to freeze in place, making for an epic game of freeze dance! Jessie will guide you through dance moves until Sarge yells, “freeze!” Your kiddo will have endless fun.

Disney Princess

Your little princess can go on an adventure with Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, Ariel, or Jasmine. Have them say, “Hey Google, play Disney Princess,” to start their journey. From learning all about their royal day to listening to a fun-filled story, your kiddo is sure to have the best day ever alongside their favorite character.

Maui’s Music Game  

This magical game is calling your family. Say, “Hey Google, play Maui’s Music Game,” and you’ll be invited to help Maui get his fishhook back. Your little one will prove how far they’ll go, as they defeat underwater monsters—and may even be rewarded with colorful shells that play music from Moana and Maui’s adventure.

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