Get ready for your Walt Disney World vacation with “Countdown to Fun”

The weeks leading up to a Walt Disney World vacation are filled with excitement, itinerary planning, and all kinds of daydreaming. Now you can take the anticipation one step further by ordering the Countdown to Fun gift series, which gives your family the chance to unwrap some fun every day, or every week, leading up to your vacation.

If you watched our unboxing of Countdown to Fun on YouTube, you might already have an idea of the delightful details each gift box holds. Keep reading to find out all the details so you can surprise your family with their own Countdown to Fun!Cost: $ 99.99
Available at:, Shop Disney Parks, the Walt Disney World website.
Includes: 6 boxes of merchandise, to be unwrapped at the times of your choosing

For those who don’t want to spoil the magic, trust us when we say each box is full of delight for all ages. Whether you’re surprising your little ones, or all of the kids-at-heart in your family, Countdown to Fun is one perfect start to your Walt Disney World story!

Please note that the content of the boxes may vary from what is shown, based on availability.

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