For your Indoor Campout: An Adventure Kit Inspired by Disney•Pixar’s Up

During cool, winter months, it’s easy for little ones to experience a fair amount of cabin fever. Propose the perfect cure with an indoor campout filled with adventure. Build a fort in the living room, or if your space allows, put up a tent. Stay up late telling stories, and let your imagination run wild. With an adventure kit, binoculars, notebook, and finger puppets, your kids will remember, big or small, adventure is out there.

What You’ll Need:

Adventure Box


Masking tape

Glue gun

Leather ribbon

Acrylic paints


Paper Binoculars

Paper tubes

Washi tape


Assorted Supplies

‘Field Notes’ Notebook




Print out some UP Finger Puppets.




Adventure Box

  1. Transform a paper shoebox into a hinged box by cutting two slits into the edges of the box’s lid and gluing the lid to the body of the box with hot glue.
  2. Cut two lengths of leather ribbon and glue along the lid as pictured, leaving the ribbon near the center of the lid unglued.
  3. Cut a third length of leather ribbon and fit it between the two straps to create a faux handle.
  4. Decorate the rest of your box by antiquing it with acrylic paint details, or UP themed badges and stickers.


Paper Binoculars

  1. Cut a paper towel roll into two, five-inch pieces and use the remaining inch to create a cardboard bridge between the two rolls.
  2. Give the binoculars some unique flair by adding strips of washi-tape, or extra layers of cardboard.


Use your assorted supplies to create personalized maps and imaginative activities for more indoor camping adventures! And don’t forget to share all of the fun with us by tagging @DisneyFamily on Instagram and by using hashtag #DisneyWeekend.

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