Essentials for Hosting a Disney Summer BBQ

Nothing fuels summer fun more than a having a backyard BBQ while spending time with all of your friends and family. We’ve rounded up the perfect Disney-themed essentials for you to host the most magical occasion! Prepare to “wow” your guests with some of the cutest BBQ essentials on earth.

Frozen Summer Party Online Invitation

Start off with the perfect way to invite your friends and family to your party. This e-card will show your guests that this BBQ is absolutely worth melting for!

Winnie The Pooh Party Sign

An outdoor party sign will be sure to accurately direct your guests where to go to satisfy their rumbly tumblies.

Mr. Incredible Grilling Apron

Put on this grilling apron for instant recognition as the superhero who’s hosting this special occasion!

Ratatouille Chef Hat

As long as Remy is with you inside your chef hat, your grilling endeavors will be a breeze!

Ratatouille Recipe Card

Recipe cards are key to ensuring that truly, anyone can cook. Print out these Ratatouille ones.

3D Kermit the Frog Chef


Place this Kermit the Frog figure right beside you as your personal grilling assistant.

Wreck-It Ralph Pixel Placement

A pixel placement will make sure your guests don’t completely wreck the table.

Winnie The Pooh Buffet Cards


Use these cute buffet cards to reveal what delicious surprise lies inside each of your honey pots!

Mickey & Friends Food Flag


Invite Mickey and his pals to the BBQ by way of these perfect little printable flags.

Night Howler Lemonade


Although this lemonade recipe resembles the color of Assistant Mayor Bellwether’s Night Howler pellets, we promise this drink will do nothing more than refresh both you and your guests.

Simba Party Platter

The circle of endless food begins with a Lion King themed party platter appetizer!

Mickey Peanut Butter and Jelly Pinwheel Skewers

While waiting for the grill, the little ones will especially enjoy timeless PB&J sandwiches held together by skewers of their favorite pal, Mickey Mouse.

Bee-bee-cue Sauce

Treat your guests to guaranteed deliciousness by serving everything off the grill with this sweet sauce!

101 Dalmations Ice Cream Cone Wrapper

Nothing beats finishing off a big, savory BBQ meal like a scoop of ice cream! Make your own spotted cone wrappers and pair with chocolate chip ice cream for a 101 Dalmatians-inspired dessert.

Winnie The Pooh Thank You Cards

Leave a lasting impression on all of your guests with a Winnie The Pooh “Thank You” card. Thank them for attending and for an extra treat, include a photo!

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