#DisneyWeekend: Sing your favorite Disney song

Make some noise this weekend with these music-inspired crafts from your favorite Disney characters and films.

Animal’s Music-Making Bracelet

Get ready to rock with these bright pom-pom bracelets, which are made to look like Animal from The Muppets. The silver jingle bells add rhythm with every flick of the wrist!


Esmeralda’s Tambourine

Bring the musicality of The Hunchback of Notre Dame to your home with Esmeralda’s Tambourine!


Bunny Banjo

Inspired by the musically-inclined dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, this bunny banjo is both adorable and fun.


Louis the Alligator Bookmark

Inspired by the trumpet-playing virtuoso alligator, Louis, your little one can use this bookmark to save their spot in a chapter book.

High School Musical Microphone

Craft this fun microphone bookmark inspired by the real ones used by Gabriella and Troy in High School Musical.

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