Disney DIY Bags for Trick-or-Treating

This weekend create a Disney DIY bag you can use (and re-use) for all of your trick-or-treating needs. Pick out one of our options below, and get to crafting!


Belle’s Picnic Tote

Disney Family_Belle Picnic Knapsack_Facebook 

Made from a t-shirt and stamped with a rose, Belle’s tote bag craft will carry all of your Halloween goodies.


Meeko Tote Bag

Disney Family_Meeko Tote Bag

With this Meeko tote bag craft, you’ll have a cute space for Halloween candy!  


Mickey & Friends Trick-or-Treat Bags


These printable trick-or-treat bag templates are the perfect way to get creative before a school event or party.


Bb-8 Tote Bag

Star Wars BB-8 Tote

Use felt, scissors, and of course, the force to create this BB-8 tote bag.


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