Disney Crafts and Recipes For Your Three-Year-Old

Three-year-olds love to play and build their fine motor skills in creative ways. We have some fun Disney-inspired ideas for just that. We asked our childhood development experts to help us round up a few crafts and recipes, perfect for a busy and growing mind.

The Lion Guard Playset

Lion Guard 1
For a 3 year old, finding the best rocks for this craft will be half the fun!  Explore outdoors together and see what you discover. As kids work with decoupage, remind them to use what they have on their brush and give the characters a break between coats.

Hidden Mickey Learning Game


This Hidden Mickey Learning Game is simple enough for 3 year olds to get into but would be fun for all ages.

Winnie the Pooh Playset


This playset will appeal to little one’s developing interest in dramatic play and storytelling as they reenact their favorite Hundred Acre Wood moments. By drawing a simple outline around the characters and supervising your child closely, they can learn to practice cutting out shapes too. Make sure to provide kids scissors for their tiny hands to have better control.


Kermit the Frog Avocado Toast


Little ones will love mashing up the avocado and spreading it onto toast! What other characters are green?

Tire Track T-Shirts


This t-shirt craft is fun for kids to create and make their own. Make sure to cover your workspace with craft paper so little ones can paint creatively in between each step of the process. Bring in the blank t-shirt every so often so they can add one track at a time.

Pair any of these crafts and recipes with their corresponding Disney film and you’ve got the perfect #DisneyWeekend plans. Be sure to share them with us by tagging @DisneyFamily on Instagram. Have a magical day!

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