Disney Crafts and Recipes For Your Six-Year-Old

Any six-year-old would love spending the day making Disney-themed crafts and snacking on tasty recipes featuring their favorite characters. From pipe cleaner sunflowers to Pocahontas energy bites we’ve rounded up these childhood development expert-approved activities to keep your little on entertained and help them continue to grow.

The Frobscottle in the BFG

Your six-year-old will love drinking like a giant with this fizzy, green drink from The BFG. Concocting this beverage is part science experience, part recipe, and will help your tyke work on following directions. Not to mention it tastes delicious!

Pocahontas’ Leaf Energy Bites

The only thing better than snacking on these healthy treats is learning to make them alongside your six-year-old. Tracing and cutting practice is an added bonus to the math and nutrition facts your little one will learn while baking this leafy treat. Pocahontas would be proud!

Rockin’ Olaf Bowling

Who better to teach your six-year-old about hand-eye coordination than their favorite snowman? Not only does this game recycle used water bottles (go green!) but it helps kids work on their counting skills. We can hear Olaf chuckling now…

Standup Sunflowers

Whether the sun is shining outside or you just want to bring a little light into your home — these standup sunflowers will do the trick. Inspired by Pocahontas’ history, crafting these sunny yellow blossoms will help strengthen your six-year-olds fine motor skills (twisting pipe cleaners is hard work!).

Mickey Magnets

If you have a six-year-old in your life, chances are your fridge is overflowing with their latest artwork. That’s what makes this Mickey-themed craft the ultimate two-for-one special! Your kids will help you to paint and craft these fun magnets while you’ll get rid of some extra clutter. Reminder: while some of us are OK with colored Mickeys being plastered around our homes, we’d rather not have acrylic paint everywhere. Make sure to tell your kids that this paint is permanent and can stain fabrics.

Pair any of these crafts and recipes with their corresponding Disney film and you’ve got the perfect #DisneyWeekend plans. Be sure to share them with us by tagging @DisneyFamily on Instagram. Have a magical day!

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