Disney Crafts and Recipes For Your Seven-Year-Old

If you have a seven-year-old in your life, chances are you’re open to some new ideas for keeping them busy. Lucky for you we have the perfect solution: Disney crafts and recipes! We’ve consulted with childhood development experts to assure that not only will these activities keep your kids entertained, but will help them grow their skills as well.

Frozen-Inspired Cookie Decorating

We’ve yet to meet a seven-year-old who wasn’t into Frozen, which is why we know baking these cookies will be a hit. Try separating sprinkles and frosting into small handheld containers to help your little one work on their decision-making skills (and keep messes to a minimum).

Doc McStuffins’ Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes

This healthy recipe is perfect to start to introducing your seven-year-old to more sophisticated foods. They’ll love helping to wash the vegetables and mix the ingredients to create this tasty Doc McStuffins-inspired meal.

Tron Light Disc Toss

This awesome craft inspired by the movie Tron will keep you seven-year-old entertained for hours! After assisting them in creating the glow-in-the-dark discs, join them in tossing the discs around the yard to work on their more advanced hand-eye coordination.

Nemo 3D Papercraft

How cute is this Nemo craft?! This fun activity will strengthen focus as your seven-year-old follows the steps to complete 3D Nemo. Join in on the fun by printing two copies so that you can work along side your child — Marlin would be proud.

Little Mermaid Clothespins Dolls

Your seven-year-old will love taking playtime “Under the Sea” with these Little Mermaid-inspired clothes pin dolls. They’ll enjoy putting their creative and artistic abilities to good use while indulging in this craft — just don’t forget to remind them acrylic paint stains!

A Fairy Cottage

Looking for an exciting way to spend the day with your seven-year-old? These fairy houses will certainly do the trick. All you’ll need is our easy-to-use template, an empty cracker box, and items to decorate! After you finish making the fairy house, place it somewhere outside where kids can wait to see if Tinker Bell and her friends visit!

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