Capture the Magic of Disneyland® Resort Through the Eyes of Your Little Shutterbug


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Disneyland® Resort is such a magical place for creating and capturing memories. There’s so much to take in — and to photograph. Which means it’s also the perfect place to hand the camera phone over to your little shutterbug and teach them some photography basics!

With the help of our friends at OtterBox, we’ve rounded up the best locations at Disneyland® Park and Disney California Adventure® Park along with fun and educational tips for helping young photographers capture Disney magic. And if your camera is a camera phone, thanks to OtterBox’s accident-resistant cases, your kids can follow their curiosity in style while you have the confidence of knowing that your phone is safe from spills, splashes, and drops!

Discover Color at Mickey’s Toontown

The delightful and colorful Mickey’s Toontown is a great place to begin your photo adventure — it’s the perfect setting to help your little ones create their very own color story! Kids can pick a color (we think starting with Mickey Mouse’s signature red is a great idea) and let that be their inspiration for taking photos, as they find fun and creative appearances of the color throughout Mickey’s Toontown. From Mickey Mouse’s car to the flower boxes in the windows of his house, the possibilities are endless. And definitely don’t forget Mickey Mouse himself!

Bonus: Once you’ve found the one and only Mickey Mouse, see how many Hidden Mickeys you can take photos of! While not color themed, it’s another fun kind of photo scavenger hunt.


Take Beautiful Portraits at Royal Hall

Once you’ve taken in the sights at Mickey’s Toontown, make your way to Fantasy Faire. Taking a photo of a Disney Princess at Royal Hall is a wonderful opportunity to try out some portraiture basics. Help your kids play with composition by seeing if they can photograph their Disney Princess front and center, or off to one side — as well as close up, from head to toe, or somewhere in between.

Bonus: If you’re using a camera phone, try using filters to enhance the classic look of the Disney Princesses and Royal Hall!


Light the Way at Star Tours

Next, head to Tomorrowland and the Star Tours® – The Adventures Continue Attraction. The attraction queue is an excellent time to experiment with lighting! As your little creatives move through the line, you can show them how to take photos of R2D2 and C-3PO with different levels of exposure they can tap and move the exposure icon on their screen to see which effect they like best.

You might also suggest they experiment with flash or add a fun filter to play up the blue and neon tones of the space.

Bonus: When you exit the attraction, three words: Lightsaber group shot!

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Find Perspective at Captain Marvel’s Jet

Make your way to Hangar 12 at Disney California Adventure® Park for your next photo op, where you’ll find Captain Marvel’s jet — an ideal place to learn about perspective. Your kids’ height is a big advantage here: they can practice photographing the jet from below to see how they can make it look even larger than life!

After that, your tiny photographer can direct you or a sibling to stand in front of the jet and strike a power pose, playing with different angles to fit both their subject and the jet in the frame.

Bonus: Cue subjects to say “Higher further faster!”

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Take in the Landscape at Pixar Pier

What better place to try out some landscape photography than Pixar Pier? Kids can experiment with wide shots of the Incredicoaster from across Paradise Bay, playing with horizon lines and seeing how much they can capture in one shot. You might even wait until just before sunset to include the colorful sky.

Next, you can venture inside Pixar Pier and have fun taking closeups of Jessie’s Critter Carousel and other attractions around the pier. By this time, your shutterbug will have a wealth of new creative knowledge and can have fun photographing the many vibrant and dynamic sights.

Bonus: See if your child can try taking an action shot of the Incredicoaster. Can they catch it as it zips by?


At the end of your adventure, it’s time to kick up your feet and scroll through all of the magic that your little one captured. They’ll feel so proud of all that they learned and accomplished. And you’ll have lots of wonderful photos and memories to enjoy for years to come.

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