A Goofy Weekend

One of Mickey’s best pals, Goofy is a good-natured guy. Sure, he’s a bit clumsy, and he might trip himself up from time to time, but he never loses his willingness to try his best at anything. These Goofy-inspired crafts are sure to make your family time more fun!

3D Swimsuit Goofy


Add a little Summer decor to any room or desk with this 3D Swimsuit Goofy paper craft.


Goofy’s License to Goof


Don’t let anyone tell you not to be goofy. In fact, show them your license to goof!

Goofy Pencil Caddy


Turn a recycled oatmeal container into a Goofy pencil caddy!

A Goofy Party Hat


Towering above his head, this bright green classic is great inspiration for a fun birthday party topper.

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