8 Fun Holidays to Celebrate in July

It’s that time of the month! We’re back with 8 offbeat holidays to celebrate this July, along with accompanying crafts and recipes from Disney Family. Without further ado, here are the fun holidays to enjoy with your family all month long:

July 1

The BFG Opens Today


Kick off the Fourth of July weekend by taking in The BFG! Afterwards, be sure to make your own BFG Dream Jars:


July 3

Compliment Your Mirror Day


Celebrate this positive holiday by crafting your own handheld mirror, like Miss Piggy’s Glam Hand Mirror!


July 4

Independence Day

Disney Family_Mickey Fireworks Tees

Create these matching Mickey Fireworks T-Shirts to show off your family’s patriotism at a cook out or parade!

July 10

Teddy Bear Picnic Day


Plan a picnic at the park with your little ones and their teddy bears. Be sure to pack a pair of teddy bear ears, like this Winnie the Pooh headband, as well as a few Winnie the Pooh Hunny Corn Muffins to snack on.


July 16

Fresh spinach day


Encourage your kids to eat their greens on this day by baking these delicious Spinach Squirt-tatas!


July 17

National Ice Cream Day


The best way to celebrate this day is by enjoying an frozen treat inspired by your family’s favorite snowman, and this Olaf Ice Cream Dessert does the trick!


July 19

Stick Out Your Tongue Day


After a long day of sticking your tongue out, treat your family to Nick Wilde’s Pawpsicles.


July 24

National Cousins Day


Celebrate the bond between cousins by creating this Dalmatian Picture Frame, and placing a photo of your little ones and their cousins inside. 


July 31

National Mutt Day


Technically, Stitch is an alien experiment, but here on earth he’s Lilo’s lovable pup. Celebrate mutts by creating this easy-to-make, No-Stitch Stitch Pillow.

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