40 Baby Names Inspired by Thanksgiving

Many people associate Thanksgiving with the food, the turkey and family gatherings. It’s also a time to count your blessings and share your gratitude with those you care about the most.

Perhaps Thanksgiving means quite a bit to you and your family as well, or maybe your baby is due around the same time as the holiday. With the holiday approaching, I thought it would be fun to share Thanksgiving baby names. Some of these names are slightly unusual, while others are more common.

1. Maize

This name comes from a Latin and Gaelic origin. Maize is another name for corn, a food that is a staple for most Thanksgiving dinners. It’s one of the more unique Thanksgiving baby names with a nice twist to it. Maisie and Mason sound similar and are good options for those who like the name, but want a variant.

2. America

America was a popular name in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It is a strong name for a girl and was made famous by the actress of America Ferrera, the star of “Ugly Betty.”

3. Pilgrim

The meaning of Pilgrim is traveler; wanderer. It’s a rare name for boys that comes from English origins.

4. Grace

This fits into the classic Thanksgiving baby names category that originates from the virtue of grace. It’s simple, pure and classy. Over 7,300 girls were given this name in 2012!

5. Berry

A variation of Barry. This is another gender neutral name that has been used for both sexes over the years.

6. Jadon

This Hebrew name means thankful, “God will judge.” It’s an attractive name that is a variant of the popular -en names like Caiden.

7. Apple

Sweet, wholesome, cute and red. Not convinced? Gwyneth Paltrow named her first child and daughter after this fruit.

8. Pumpkin

They’re cute, round, sweet and wholesome! Pumpkin is commonly used as a nickname, but some parents are naming their children after this traditional vegetable. It is a name that could be used for both boys and girls.

9. Chutney

Would you ever name your child Chutney? It’s a name that would have worked well in my hippy name round-up several months ago and offers a nod to the holiday as well as the Eastern culture.

10. Aimon

Aimon is a French name that means “Home.” It’s a handsome name that symbolizes the soul of the holiday.

11. Ginger

This name is commonly used for babies with red hair, but it’s also a form of Virginia. The spice is very warming and used quite often during the autumn.

12. Cinnamon

The autumn season wouldn’t be the same without cinnamon. This warm spice adds sweetness and spice to everything we cook. It’s also a cute name suited for a girl.

13. Asher

Happy and blessed. Two very fitting meanings for this Jewish name!

14. Shakira

This is an Arabic name that means thankful. Most famously used by the singer Shakira Ripoll.

15. Mercy

Mercy means compassion. It’s a beautiful virtue name that fits right in with the spirit of Thanksgiving.

16. Farmer

Would you name your boy Farmer? It’s a rare and unusual name, but depicts honesty, hard work and wholesome living.

17. Hunter

The meaning is just as it sounds. A Hunter is “one who hunts.” It’s a very strong, manly name.

18. Prudence

Prudence is a good Puritan name meaning prudent. Try and say that sentence ten times fast!

19. Oceanus

Oceanus Hopkins is a name you may recognize from your history books. He was the first and only child that was born on the Mayflower ship as it made its way to America.

20. Cheyenne

Cheyenne is one of the Algonquian tribes of the Great Plains in America.

21. Cherokee

One of the largest American Indian tribes.

22. Pepper

If your baby is feisty, this is the perfect name. Spicy with a punch!

23. Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the many savory spices used to cook a delicious Thanksgiving meal. The Latin meaning is “sea dew.”

24. May

May is a nice short version for Mayflower. It is also the name of May, the Greek goddess of Spring.

25. William

William Bradford was one of the men who travelled to America on the Mayflower. His recorded experiences and the voices of those who came to this country with him can be found in his book “A History of Plymouth Plantation.”

26. Samoset

Samoset was one of the Native Americans present at the very first Thanksgiving celebrations. He was said to have spoken English. A variant of this Native American name is “Sam.”

27. Dakota

Dakota is the name that was given to the tribes of the northern Plains Indians, more commonly known as Lakota and Sioux.

28. Catori

Catori is a Native American name for girls that means “spirit.”

29. Autumn

Back-to-school, mild temperature, exquisite colors, pumpkins and Thanksgiving. Those are just five of the many things you can look forward to during this season!

30. Hazel

This American baby name means commander.

31. Ruby

Ruby reds, bright oranges, stunning yellows. The leaves show off their beautiful colors in the fall. Cranberries, leaves and apples come in many shades of Ruby.

32. River

A natural beauty and wonder. River is a name that can be used for both boys and girls.

33. Kuron

Expressing our gratitude and giving thanks is what we do during Thanksgiving. Kuron is a name that originates in Africa and simply means “thanks.”

34. Asante

Asante is a boy’s name that comes from Africa, meaning “thank you.”

35. Charmaine

Charmaine is of French origin and means “bountiful orchard.”

36. Rain

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for everyday blessings and Rain meaning “abundant blessings from above,” does just that.

37. Matteo

Matteo is of Spanish origin and it means “gift of God.” A fitting name for a boy born during or in and around Thanksgiving.

38. Demetria

Demi Moor’s first name is Demetria. It’s the name of the Greek goddess of harvest.

39. Jonathan

This is one of the very traditional Thanksgiving baby names that means “God has given.”

40. Jendayi

I think Jendayi is one of the most beautiful Thanksgiving baby names! Coming from Egyptian decent it means “thankful.”

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