30 Beautiful Water-Inspired Baby Names

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While my little one isn’t a fan of water on her face (unless she’s splashing) she loves playing with her toys in the bathtub. And even though pool days are a thing of the past for us now, I thought it would be fun to look up some baby names inspired by water.

1. Aqua

Aqua is a blue green color often associated with the ocean.

2. Arroyo

The dictionary defines an arroyo as “a deep gully cut by an intermittent stream.”

3. Bay

A bay is a body of water partially enclosed by land and that has a wide mouth leading into the sea.

4. Briny

Briny describes the saltiness that comes from the sea.

5. Brook

A brook is a creek.

6. Clifford

The name Clifford means “lives near the ford by the cliff.”

7. Darya

Darya is Iranian for “sea.”

8. Delta

A delta is a piece of triangular shaped land that forms when a river splits before making its way into the ocean.

9. Douglas

Douglas is Scottish for “black river.”

10. Dylan

In Welsh mythology, Dylan was the god of the sea; the Welsh god’s name means “son of the sea.”

11. Eddy

The dictionary defines an eddy as “a circular movement of air or water.”

12. Fen

The dictionary defines a fen as “low land covered entirely or partially by water.”

13. Ford

Ford is English for “river crossing.”

14. Gully

According to the dictionary a gully is a “deep ditch or channel cut in the earth by running water after a prolonged downpour.”

15. Kai

Kai, a unisex name, means “sea” in Hawaiian.

16. Kendall

Kendall is a unisex name meaning “valley of the River Kent.”

17. Marina

A marina is an area of water (sometimes referred to as a harbor) where boats and yachts are kept.

18. Marine

The word marine is relative to the ocean or sea.

19. Marlowe

Marlowe means “from the hill by the lake.”

20. Meredith

Meredith has various meanings, one of them being “seal lord,” a name with a Welsh origin.

21. Mira

Mira means “ocean” in Sanskrit.

22. Misty

Misty is a term for tiny drops of water.

23. Muir

Muir means “from the moor.” A moor is a wet spongy area.

24. Murray

Murray is Irish for “Lord of the sea.”

25. Nerida

Nerida means “mermaid.” The origin is Greek.

26. Noelani

Noelani is Hawaiian for “mist of heaven.”

27. Rain

Rain is the term used to describe drops of water falling from the sky.

28. River

A river is a stream of water.

29. Seaton

Seaton means “town by the sea.”

30. Tallulah

Tallulah is a Choctaw name meaning “leaping water.”

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