14 Baby Names Inspired by ‘Peter Pan’

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If you have a little bundle of joy on the way, it’s fun to look for names inspired by your top Disney films. Here are some of my favorite names inspired by Peter Pen—both traditional and a little more unique!

1. Peter

How could you possibly not have this name topping the list?

2. Ben

One of the most iconic images in Peter Pan is the children flying past Big Ben in London.

3. Star

This name stems from the quote, “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”

4. Mary

Mary is the Darling children’s mother, and the name is a perfect fit–loving, warm, and constant.

5. Teddy

This would be cute for a boy or girl—after the little teddy bear that Michael keeps with him at all times.

6. Belle

Tinker Bell is one of the most memorable characters, and this is a fun spin on the name.

7. Jane

Wendy’s daughter gets her own chance to visit Neverland with Peter when she’s a child.

8. John

John is the eldest of the Darling brothers and is a true leader.

9. Michael

The youngest of the Darling children, he finds it easiest to fly!

10. Wendy

What a great name that you don’t often hear.

For more Disney magic, check out this Peter Pan Pumpkin:

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