10 ‘Tangled’-Inspired Crafts and Recipes for the Best. Day. Ever.

tangled crafts and recipes
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From her free spirit to her magical, flowing hair, Rapunzel is one of our all-time favorite princesses. It’s only fitting that Disney Channel is dedicating a day just to her! Celebrating our gal is in order — and we’ve got just the crafts and recipes to do it.

Tangled-Inspired Smoothie Bowl

Start your day off with a magical, healthy smoothie bowl featuring her kingdom’s signature sun. This breakfast is sure to brighten up even the gloomiest of mornings.

rapunzel smoothie bowl
image source: jessica mcdonald

Rapunzel’s Purple Popcorn

What’s a Tangled binge fest without snacks? This fun spin on popcorn features Rapunzel’s signature purple, plus sprinkles! What more could you ask for?

rapunzel popcorn
image source: disney family

Rapunzel Popsicle Stick Bracelet

Your little one can create a bracelet inspired by her flower-adorned braid using … popsicle sticks!

rapunzel bracelet

Rapunzel’s Frying Pan Cookie

The frying pan is Rapunzel’s secret weapon — and it can be yours, too. Whip up this tasty treat for the perfect night of Tangled fun.

rapunzel's frying pan cookie
image source: disney family

Rapunzel’s Squash and Hazelnut Soup

When Rapunzel wanted a special treat, Mother Gothel would make her a very special bowl of hazelnut soup. This tasty version of squash and hazelnut soup will surely be in high demand while you prepare to watch Tangled: The Series all day long.

rapunzel hazelnut soup
image source: disney family

Rapunzel’s Braided Bread

Our mouths are watering just thinking about this braided berry bread. Baked to a golden brown and topped with raspberry cream cheese and fresh berries, your family will certainly agree that “Mother knows best” after one taste.

rapunzel braided bread
image source: lily glass

Rapunzel’s Flower Cupcakes

What’s an all-day Tangled affair without cupcakes?! These beauties are fun to make and even more fun to eat!

rapunzel's flower cupcakes
image source: ELISE APFFEL

Tangled Tower Craft

To pass time in the tower, Rapunzel got in touch with her creative side. Do the same with your kiddos while you tune into a variety of Tangled entertainment!

rapunzel tower craft
image source: disney family

Pascal Pennant

Go all out for your viewing party with Tangled decor featuring none other than the princess’ BFF, Pascal. This DIY pennant will make the perfect addition to any Rapunzel fan’s room.

Rapunzel-Inspired Bike Basket

In Tangled: The Series Flynn Rider and Rapunzel are constantly having adventures. Send your kids off on journeys of their own with this awesome DIY bike basket.

tangled bike basket
image source: disney family

Celebrate “I Love Rapunzel Day” this Sunday on Disney Channel with an all new episode of Tangled: The Series and the original feature film. 

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