Jamrock Reggae

May 29, 2016
Times: 5pm
Venue: E. Carroll Joyner Park
Area: Wake Forest
Admission: Free

Jamrock was founded in 1995 through the desire of a few Jamaicans to hear authentic Reggae music, featuring true "yard style" Reggae rhythms, Reggae standards and an authentic Jamaican sound. Comprised of three Jamaicans as the core of the group, Jamrock has gone from a non-entity to one of the most respected Reggae bands in the Triangle area. The success of the group can be attributed to their sound, which reflects the true style of how Reggae music is played back in Jamaica. Their repertoire includes all versions of Reggae, including: lover’s Rock, Oldies, Dance Hall and Roots, in addition to some cover of popular American tunes. Jamrock is Carl Baxter, Gerald Mulvaney, Dean Irwin, Colin McEwan, Graham Mulvaney and Sylvester Percival.

The Back Fence