Input Electronic Music Series (Feat. Animalweapon)

March 9, 2016
Times: 9:30pm
Venue: The Pour House Music Hall
Area: Downtown Raleigh
Admission: Free

The Input Electronic Music Series will be at The Pour House, Feb. 10! Performers include Animalweapon, Ships In The Night and Zora (members of Youma). Animalweapon- Defying conventional expectations for an electronic producer, Animalweapon creates a sound that is bombastic and enchanting all at once. Animalweapon is an experimental electronic-pop act full of passionate bursts of musical excellence. Like a melodically focused Nine Inch Nails, Patrick Cortes crafts dark ambient grooves with deeply embedded rhythms that make for a track as danceable as it is dense and impressive.

The Back Fence