Exhibition: Considerable Shoulder Pads

March 04 – 26, 2016 (Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
Times: noon-5pm
Venue: Flanders Art Gallery
Area: Downtown Raleigh

Considerable Shoulder Pads considers the information churned out during an election year, its amount and effect. Technology and the internet allow us to access lots of information immediately and continuously, but quantity doesn’t equal quality. And having so much information doesnt result in a better-informed electorate. With so much information in our hands, you’d think we’d know more. We choose TV channels, podcasts and talk-radio stations that reinforce what we already believe rather than encourage us to consider what we immediately dismiss. With all of this information and all the yelling, spinning, cursing, lying statements go unchecked, opinions become fact and offensive language is forgotten with the next days headlines.

The Back Fence