Coastal Plain League All-Star Game

July 09 – 10, 2017
Venue: North Main Athletic Complex
Area: Holly Springs

The 19th annual Coastal Plain League (CPL) All-Star Game will make its first trip to the beautiful North Main Athletic Complex in Holly Springs. The event will kick off with the CPL All-Star Fan Fest and Home Run Derby on Sunday, July 9. Fans will have the opportunity to interact with the All-Stars during the Fan Fest, as well as other activities to be announced, before watching both the East and West All-Star teams square off in the Home Run Derby. An All-Star luncheon will be held the following day on Monday, July 10, with a special guest speaker, followed by a Major League style scout day for the All-Star participants. Finally, the main event – the 2017 CPL All-Star Game – will take place that evening.

The Back Fence