Chanakya (Feat. Manoj Josh)

May 20, 2016
Times: 8pm
Venue: Memorial Auditorium at Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts
Area: Downtown Raleigh
Admission: $ 39.14-$ 149.14

Chanakya, the greatest statesman, a political strategist is the one who created a nation out of squabbling kingdoms, will never be born again, but his thoughts are arguably even more relevant to say so than in his time… the resonance of his thoughts reach us from the distance and till date inspire us. What was his thirst for: Kingdom? Power? Comforts? Wealth? Was he the miscreant content only in senseless violence? If he had any of these desires, then he would not have inspired so many generations. This play is the modest attempt to read those glorious pages from the past. Our endeavor is to present an opportunity for introspection toward the society and the leaders of the society.


The Back Fence