Buzz’n Go: Guided City Tour & Local Brewery Tasting

Starting: June 25, 2014 (Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
Times: 1-4pm
Venue: Tobacco Road Tours
Area: Downtown Raleigh
Admission: Adults $ 59

Highlights of the Buzz’N Go tour:
See the Colonial home of the "father of Raleigh" Joel Lane (Cherry Bounce fame); Hear the story regarding Grog Alley; Experience Cherry Bounce; Try a Muscodine wine to bring back memories of old southern stately mansions, warm sunshine and gracious hospitality; See and explore a former 5,000 acre plantation; and Enjoy a classic sampler of one of Raleigh’s traditional diners! Tasty!
Explore multiple districts and discover the REAL Raleigh. Wrap up your tour with a stop or stay at one of the hottest new breweries in Raleigh.

The Back Fence