Blue Ink Press Writing Workshops

June 05 – 26, 2017 (Every Monday)
Times: 11am-noon for ages 8+; 12:15-1:15pm for adults
Venue: Read With Me
Area: Downtown Raleigh
Admission: $ 10 (in advance)

Writing Workshops will include writing exercises, dedicated writing time and instruction. Register by email is required; the costs are $ 10 each session payable in-store or via Paypal. Week one’s workshop is entitled Start!, and will focus on developing good writing habits, how to find inspiration, break through common barriers and start your writing project. Week two’s workshop is entitled Stop the Hop!, and will provide an in-depth look at point of view and how to recognize and avoid the common POV pitfalls that lead to rejection letters (like head-hopping). Week three’s workshop is entitled Flat, Boring and Cliché, and will focus on character creation, writing exercises and tips to make your characters come to life. Week four’s workshop is entitled Finish!, and will focus on finishing strong and how to keep your momentum going. There will also be time to share works in progress. Blue Ink Press is a small press dedicated to bringing great books to life. Founded in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2015, Blue Ink Press was formed to help young adult authors navigate the daunting and confusing world of publishing. While their focus is on middle grade and young adult books, they also represent local authors of all genres.

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