Bassbunny & The Black Flower Presents: CONSOULS (LA)

February 12, 2016
Times: 10pm-2am
Venue: The Black Flower
Area: Downtown Raleigh
Admission: At the door $ 5

The Black Flower loves its patrons, and they love good music. They also love throwing parties for no reason. When the Black Flower has the opportunity to bring some super awesome talent from across the country for a super low price, they want to. The lineup includes CONSOULS (L.A.), Yellow Fever (N.C.), Fitz & The Golden Child (N.C.) and more! CONSOULS (L.A.)- Since their formation in Jul. of 2014, the group has been culminating Drum & Bass of varying sub-genres. This Drum & Bass project has catapulted itself with an arsenal of dubs and fresh mixes soon to be released. Shane, formerly known as Shawshank, has been religiously attending Drum & Bass events for five years and has been DJ’ing for two, while rocking three decks and delivering masterful double drops! Troy, formerly known as Troy James/Tonix, has been working on production for over three years and has been DJ’ing for five. This powerful duo plans to make an irreplaceable imprint on the American Drum & Bass scene and show the world how Americans plan to pave the way for the new generation of Drum & Bass music.


The Back Fence