An Afternoon with the Birds

June 26, 2016
Times: 2-5pm
Venue: White Plains United Methodist Church
Area: Cary
Admission: Free

This is a three hour come-and-go event! We will have various birds in our gymnasium for bird-lovers of all ages to get up close and see the amazing beauty of owls, hawks and much more!
While this is not a time to pet the birds, there will be plenty of great photo opportunities and times to ask questions of the bird-handlers.
There is no cost for this event. There will be ways to learn how to donate to support the American Wildlife Refuge if you feel led to do so.

At any given time there will be at least a few birds out to learn about — those will change over the course of three hours. Feel free to come and stay for just a few minutes or the whole three hours. All ages are invited, as long as children can be sure to respect the birds needs and boundaries communicated by the bird handlers.


The Back Fence