You Never Knew You Needed This 18th Century Fried Chicken Recipe

You may think you know how to fry chicken, but it turns out that we’ve been doing it all wrong. An English recipe from Nathan Bailey’s 1736 cookbook, Dictionarium Domesticum, totally schooled us on a simple yet flavorful way to make fried chicken. It all starts with the marinating the chicken for three hours in a mixture of lemon juice, malt vinegar, salt, pepper, ground clove, green onions, and bay leaves. The batter, thin like crepe batter, calls for flour, white wine, egg yolks, and salt. Once the chicken is done marinating, it is coated in batter and fried until a light brown color. The last touch, which is a bit surprising, is some fried parsley. The 18th century had it right all along!


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