Warning: You May Be Inclined to Make Out With This Pastry

A gourmet French bakery recently revealed an array of lip-shaped pastries that are so lifelike and adorable you’ll just want to kiss them! OK, so maybe that’s taking it a little too far. Nonetheless, we’ve fallen for Fauchon’s so-called Bisou-Bisou pastries, which come in various flavors and colors.

According to Fauchon’s website, the classic pink pastry is made of caramelized almonds, raspberry compote, vanilla whipped ganache, a vanilla biscuit, and more. We’re honestly stunned by the amount of ingredients in the pastry given how minimalist it looks.

Just before Valentine’s Day, the bakery introduced a black-and-white variation. According to one lucky customer, the black lips are made with chocolate coffee mousse, coffee cream, and a dark chocolate biscuit. Meanwhile, the white lips are made with raspberry compote, cream cheese mousse, rose water, and lemon cake.

The Bisou-Bisou pastry is available for 8 euros ($ 9) at Fauchon’s storefront at 30 Place de la Madeleine in Paris. Sadly, Fauchon will only deliver its treats to residences in the Paris area. Until then, bask in their glory by checking out the pictures ahead.


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