The 1 Thing You Should Try Adding to Your Hot Chocolate

Hot cocoa is one of those quintessential elements of the holiday season, best enjoyed while cozied up by the fire (and with a heaping pile of marshmallows, of course). If you thought your steamy mug of hot chocolate couldn’t possibly get any better, think again, because we have the one thing you need to take yours to the next level: mini gingerbread houses.

We like to think desserts are exponentially better when made in a miniature version, and these bite-size treats are no exception. When perched on the edge of a mug, mini gingerbread houses combine two of our favorite seasonal goodies into one adorable and Instagram-worthy masterpiece. Don’t let their cuteness intimidate you, though, because they’re surprisingly easy to DIY at home.

Simply purchase the same ingredients you’d use for your normal gingerbread cookie recipes (brown sugar, ground ginger, and the works). The key is in the cutting technique, as the open bottom edge is crucial for placing the mini house on your mug. You can either print a template to cut out the gingerbread house shapes like Honestly Yum did, or you can purchase a cookie cutter kit to make things easier.

Once the pieces of your house have been assembled, the fun really begins! The decorating options are endless – you can cover the roof with crushed peppermint, go crazy with icing, or make a whole village of houses with mini chimneys on top. And if you simply can’t wait to get sippin’, there’s a ready-made version available for purchase at Williams-Sonoma.


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