Spanish Rice

Spanish Rice – a side dish made with bacon, rice, tomatoes, the Trinity of veggies and a few simple seasonings.

Spanish Rice

The Cajun and I have spent the entire weekend – and days before that even – planted in front of the television monitoring Hurricane Irma. I suppose you can say that when a hurricane threatens anywhere along our Gulf Coast we are all kindred spirits. Many of us have been through it, some of us a few times, and we have a tremendous amount of empathy for our neighbors in Florida.

I don't know if you caught it, but seeing bays along the Florida coastline literally emptied of water and a river draining into the Gulf like a bathtub, was just nothing short of astonishing. My best friend since high school and her husband were celebrating their anniversary in the U.S. Virgin Islands and got caught unable to leave when Irma passed by as a Cat-5. Thank God the eye passed north of them and they made it through alive, but for a little while I was worried I'd be attending their funeral. They are stranded there in the midst of the devastation, unable to get back home for another week, but making new friends, all helping each other get through it.

I can't stop thinking about the staff of nine, who stayed behind with the six-toed cats at Hemingway House in Key West, and the 80-something couple, also in the Keys, who I heard about on Twitter, had told their granddaughter they were going down with their house, and had celebrated what might be their last meal together on their wedding china the night before. I hope they're all okay. The two police officers, one heading home after a long shift, the other heading to start his, died in a head-on collision. My heart is just broken right now. Mississippi loves you Florida and we have been watching, and praying and, yes, shedding tears for you.

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