Southern Style Butter Beans – Baby Lima Beans

Fresh butterbeans, or frozen, baby lima beans, slow simmered in a ham hock seasoned broth with onion, chicken base, salt and pepper, and finished with a nob of butter or bacon drippings – a definite summertime southern favorite.

Southern Style Butterbeans – Baby Lima Beans

I love butterbeans – big and small – and I don't understand for the life of me, why southerners get all up in a tizzy about what is a butter bean, any more than what constitutes a "real" cornbread or whether a hoecake is flour or cornmeal based. It's just food y'all, it's all good, so how about let's just eat?

These are another very simple side dish that southerners love and another one that I can literally make a meal of. Just add a chunk of cornbread and I'm pretty happy! These are one side dish that I have to share though, since it's one of the few that the veggie opposed Cajun in my household will also eat.

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