Score Major Mother’s Day Points With These Easy (but Special) Breakfast-In Recipes

Thinking of a creative way to swoon your mom on Mother’s Day is tough if she already owns all the jewelry, handbags, and collectables in the world. Sure, showering your main lady in flowers and gifts is easy, but it can also be pretty time consuming (and expensive!).

So this Mother’s Day, spend some time in the kitchen whipping up one of these breakfast- or brunch-in-bed recipes for your mom. Even if you aren’t the savviest chef in the kitchen – don’t panic – we’ve picked out some easy recipes that will score you some major points, even without having sharp culinary skills.

From golden buttermilk pancakes to fluffy cinnamon rolls, and even sparkling cocktails, you’ll be whipping up an unforgettable Mother’s Day meal in no time.


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