Old School Baked Chicken and Rice

Bone-in, skin-on, chicken thighs and legs, or a whole chicken, cut up, seasoned and baked with cream soup and rice for a flavorful, tender baked chicken.

Old School Baked Chicken and Rice

Hey y'all! Where ya been? Oh, me? Yeah, I guess I'm the one who has been missing, not you. Well… I've been busy, busy, busy… with everything but publishing on the blog.

On top of all the usual stuff, it's spring, and in the south, what that means, of course, is that summer is about two seconds away. It's the time to get things done outdoors before the heat and humidity settles in, and trust me when I say, it sure doesn't get any easier the older I get. Takes me three times as long to do things anymore, I've still got things to do and it's not without some hurtin' either, hello Advil!

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