Marinated Flank Steak – London Broil

A beef broth, marinated flank steak, with Creole mustard, balsamic vinegar and herbs, prepared in the classic London Broil method, with a quick sear on a hot grill and sliced at an angle, against the grain, for a full flavored tender steak.

Marinated Flank Steak – London Broil

If you set out to research it, over and over again, you will read that London Broil is not a cut of beef, but instead is a method of grilling and carving. Yet… like this chunk of meat I cooked here, there it sat in the meat case with a label calling it simply, "London Broil" and nothing else.

Really? As if that isn't enough, that chunk of beef labelled London Broil might just be a chunk of top round, flank, skirt, hanger or some other cut. Why the confusion? Why not truth in labeling here – Flank Steak, great for London Broil? Makes sense to me!

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