Here’s Exactly What a Dump Cake Is and How to Make It

Dump cake: sounds gross, tastes great. You’ve probably had a dump cake before without even realizing it, and if you have caught on to the fact that the dessert has become super popular (especially on Pinterest), you know that it’s really just a name for an incredibly easy dessert that requires zero baking skills. You put (well, dump) cake mix and some type of fruit in a baking dish, and that’s it. The best part is you don’t need a set-in-stone recipe. All you have to do is follow a basic formula, and then you can substitute with whatever ingredients you prefer. The formula really is as simple as this:

Cake mix + fruit filling = dump cake

Please note the cake mix part – this is not a place for scratch-made cake, and no one is judging you for using a box of store-bought yellow cake mix. Also, the fruit filling can be (and usually is) canned. That’s where the convenience of dumping comes in! You don’t have to mix any ingredients or dirty a bowl, and it’s the most convenient treat to make for Summer dinner parties or potlucks. So do yourself a favor and whip up a dump cake the next time you want a crowd-pleasing dessert but don’t feel like exerting a whole lot of effort.

Here’s a basic recipe to get you started: cherry peach dump cake


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