Ham Bone Red Beans and Rice in the Instant Pot/Electronic Pressure Cooker

Made from scratch, dried red kidney beans made with a ham bone and the trinity and rice, both cooked in an instant pot electronic pressure cooker.

Ham bone red beans and rice, both made in an instant pot/electronic pressure cooker.

Instant Pot Ham Bone Red Beans and Rice

The Monday tradition of red beans lives on here in the Deep South, even if they’re made on Sunday, which, when they're made from dried beans, more often they are!

Because time is precious these days, I have four different ways I make them up here on the blog currently, depending on the time factor I have on my hands. From a quick skillet version like you get with those convenience boxes (but without the added chemicals and preservatives), to a shortcut version that you'll never believe started with canned beans, plus one for the slow cooker and of course, old school, slow-stewed from dried beans (still my number one favorite)… I've got you covered. Now I give you an instant pot pressure cooker version to add to the list that's as good as any!

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