Gordon Ramsay’s Transformative Way to Scramble Eggs

Yes, there are a million different scrambled eggs techniques out there, but Gordon Ramsay’s will be your full-stop method. While at a press event to promote his new game with Glu Mobile, I asked chef Ramsay to go through the proper way to scramble eggs. His unique method has a heartwarming tale:

“After training in London, I wanted to become French, so I went to the birthplace of all cuisine. I remember seeing this amazing dish with scrambled eggs and sea urchin. I tasted the sea urchin through the scrambled eggs . . . and they topped it with caviar. I thought it was wild. I had never put sea urchin in scrambled eggs. The texture was just incredible. It made it so much creamier. What was more accessible to the average person at home making scrambled eggs – I knew that was crème fraiche. I perfected that craft in France making scrambled eggs to order, standing in Guy Savoy‘s restaurant behind the line as a 22-year-old.”

But crème fraiche isn’t the only thing that makes these scrambled eggs different from the rest. It’s cooked in a pot! The eggs aren’t seasoned from the start! Most of the cooking is done off the flame! Are you baffled yet? Me too, which is why I had to try the method out for myself. So where to begin? Start by watching Gordon’s YouTube video. He shared a hilarious story about it:

I think there’s about 15 million people online who have [watched] that scrambled eggs video. And it transforms the way you eat eggs. Incredible. It’s a kind of rich, sumptuous way to eat scrambled eggs even for dinner, even with all the steps. It’s just delicious on sourdough bread. My video, with 15 million downloads on YouTube, I burn the f*cking toast. I’m not so far down my backside. I make mistakes. I just start again. It’s funny. I’m so into my scrambled eggs, focusing away. Fire alarm is going off and I burn my toast.”

Like Gordon, my first attempt didn’t go off hitch-free. I’m unfortunately going to need a few more practices to end up with perfectly custardy, voluminous eggs like Gordon, but what I did make was truly exceptional and unlike any scrambled eggs I’ve ever had before. I can’t wait to keep on practicing, and neither will you once you’ve memorized the steps.


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