Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Tequila-Based Cocktail Will Make You Shout Expletives

In a hilarious appearance on The Tonight Show, Gordon Ramsay got placed in time out – or, rather, the “naughty step” – by Jimmy Fallon, probably much to the delight of many former Hell’s Kitchen contestants. After getting into some trouble for repeatedly cursing, Ramsay revealed his favorite cocktail to Fallon. He jokingly calls it the “Wake Up You F*cking Donkey.”

Ramsay’s cocktail name is a nod to one of his famous Hell’s Kitchen insults. However, the delicious-sounding cocktail is no laughing matter. Though it’s available at the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Atlantic City, NJ, you can make the drink yourself by simply mixing tequila, cider, fresh honey, and smoked elderflower. Now we know what we’ll be sipping on this Summer . . .


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